Don't just approve your company's expenses.
Control them.

Expense management, meet expense control. With Insperity® ExpensAble®, not only can you manage your company’s expenses, but you can control them before a dime is spent.

Plus you’ll get unparalleled support and, with our streamlined reporting and approval process, you’ll have a clear picture of where your money is going. The only thing you don’t get is unexpected fees.

A money-managing system unlike any other

  • Easy-to-create, easy-to-file expense reports
  • Tools for accurate expense forecasting and budgeting
  • Upfront controls that proactively enforce policies
  • Barriers to prevent unauthorized spending
  • A way to eliminate using personal funds

Software and tools for as much control as you need

Software + our free mobile app + the ExpensAble® Plus Prepaid MasterCard® give you a system that not only manages your company’s expenses, it controls spending before it even starts.

In-depth reporting capabilities help you analyze and adjust spending and policies to ensure that everyone is a good steward of company money.

ExpensAble Office - How it all works - Software

Insperity ExpensAble software - for streamlined filing, approvals,
reporting and analysis

ExpensAble Office - How it all works - Card

ExpensAble Plus Prepaid MasterCard - cap the amount of money that can be spent and eliminate reimbursements with the card that does so much more than a credit card   Learn more »

ExpensAble Office - How it all works - App

Mobile app - eliminate paper receipts when you snap photos of them to save for upcoming reports

ExpensAble Office - How it all works - expenseview

ExpensView reports - get a free one-time spending analysis after your first 90 days to find out where you can save and how you can spend more efficiently

Our most popular features:

  • User friendly –  Easy-to-use interface and free training get you up and running fast.
  • Mobile app  –  Capture receipt images from your smartphone, add expense details, upload saved expenses, calculate exchange rates, and more.
  • Integrated travel  –  Book your travel with three of the top five travel services in the nation or use your own travel service. You have the freedom to do both.
  • Policy definition and enforcement  –  You decide policies and level of enforcement by using built-in standards or customizing to your standards.
  • Comprehensive analysis reports  –  Analyze expenses by person, department, category, and more. Customizable, too, so you can decide what summaries and details you want from the data.

See complete list of features here »

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