Expense Management

Don't just settle for managing expenses – confidently control them


Replace cash stipends

Eliminate the burden of distributing cash stipends, along with all risks that come with carrying cash.

Problem: Cash Stipends

  • Employer/employee taxes
  • Funding is complicated
  • Inability to recoup unused funds
  • Unrestricted use of funds

Solution: ExpensAble Plus MasterCard

  • Allows easy disbursement of funds for distinct time periods
  • Ability to block certain merchant codes/spend types
  • Ability to recoup unused funds after time period allotted
  • Transition to business expenses with no taxes

Control corporate travel and expenses

Enable employees to stop using their personal credit cards and stay on budget when they're on the road.

Problem: Corporate Travel

  • Employees given unrestricted business credit cards
  • Funds are not pre-approved or forecasted
  • Spend is not easily trackable and reportable

Solution: ExpensAble and the ExpensAble Plus MasterCard

  • Ability to pre-approve funding for business travel
  • Allows restriction of out-of-policy merchant codes
  • Ability to easily manage the system's spend data to influence better future business decisions

Manage event-related spending

Easily disseminate and manage funds when employees attend events.

Problem: Event-related Spending

  • Security of traveling with funds
  • Inability to recoup unused funds
  • Inability to exchange of currency for international travel

Solution: ExpensAble Plus MasterCard

  • Allow event staff to travel with cards un-funded and fund upon arrival to event with USD
  • Distribute to attendees with merchant restrictions in place and recoup unused funds post-event.

Learn how ExpensAble® Prepaid MasterCard® can help you control your expenses.


With ExpensAble Prepaid MasterCard, you'll be able to:

Track card spending in real time

See exactly where your money is being spent through integration with ExpensAble.

Make cash a thing of the past

Save administrative costs by replacing cash advances and reimbursements.

Stop overspending

Set daily spending caps, and limit spending to specific merchant categories.

Transfer funds in an instant

Request, allocate and approve funds anytime.

Recoup unused funds

Get real savings by recovering money that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

Use anywhere MasterCards are accepted

Enjoy the flexibility of a card that's accepted nearly anywhere you go.

Application by industries


Stop using cash stipends for traveling employees.

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Meetings & Incentives

With a prepaid, reloadable card, you can help your company control event-related spending.

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“ Thanks to the Expensable Plus Master Card, we are expecting to cut expenses 25 percent year over year. That's money the company is recapturing and putting to good use. ”

Clay Sifford, CEO | Ovation Events

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