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Introducing the Insperity Financial Impact Program

The strategic alliance between Insperity and IMA provides several solutions, tools and resources designed to help IMA members align HR efforts with financial systems.

  • Guidance to understand the human and financial impact of employee turnover
  • Ability to discover the true payroll burden of every employee
  • Access to local Insperity business performance advisors
  • Special pricing on select Business Performance Solutions
  • Long term cost containment
  • Forecasting certainty

Full-Service HR

Get access to stress-free payroll and human resources relief while your employees get access to better benefits. Find out how with our Workforce Optimization® full-service HR.

Workforce Optimization

  • Employee Benefits
  • Government Compliance
  • Payroll and HR Administration
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Dedicated HR Support Team
Learn more about full-service HR
Watch a quick video about Workforce Optimization

We at IMA are pleased to offer our members a new value-added benefit through this relationship. IMA members can realize operational efficiencies through Insperity’s human resources and business performance solutions.

Jeff Thomson, CMA, CAE | President and CEO, IMA

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